Ways to Help

  • Join the mailing list (but only if you REALLY want to). 
  • Come out to a show (and bring a friend)! 
  • Share the Bandcamp page with your friends and family! They can listen for free! And they can buy stuff too! 
  • Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook - and talk to me! It helps on my down days to know I've got supporters out there.
  • Support Modern Huge monthly on Patreon.
  • One-time donation via PayPal (coming soon)
  • Money to burn? Here's an Amazon Wishlist full of some basic gear that I am currently saving up for (coming soon)

I don't make music because I think it's a lucrative business (it's largely not). As of right now, all monetary donations go directly to things like paying for this website, buying essential gear and getting songs mastered.  I would LOVE to get to the point where I can actually offer the talented people I work with decent compensation so we can spend more time cranking out content, instead of rocking back and forth in a corner questioning our lives. So, if you choose to support in any of these ways, know that I am so moved every time. I will most likely cry a little.